After 12 years of replica watches design and development

After 12 years of replica watches design and development, Omega watches have opened the doors to their brand new mechanical watch assembly plant at the end of 2017. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has demonstrated its exceptional ability and understanding of the core values ​​of Omega in designing the Nicolas G. Hayek Center in Ginza Business District in Tokyo. Inspired by the traditional watch style, the Omega Watch Factory is anything but the typical watchmaking facility.

It's a short story, but one that tells a medical report on the state of the watch industry, how many - or so to speak, how many - really new watch manufacturers have been built and opened recently ... And it's an equally guiding story about who did exceptionally well when looking at those who can afford such a risky and gigantic investment in themselves and in their own future. We visited the brand new Omega factory, as they like to call it in Bienne, to see how the new brilliant production differs from the others.

I mean, no one is more interested in an eye if a new car, electronics or clothing manufacturer shows up from day to day elsewhere in the world, but most of the luxury watch industry's most replica watches uk pressing issues to be addressed recently rather than to put into operation and build new and massive production capacity, especially after many people burned quite heavily past certain sparkling markets.

I know you're here to find out how this new production can be different from the others, and we'll be there soon - I just want to do a little more mental training before I leave for sure but the doors are silent of the new building they slide in front of us. Before our visit, I had fun with the idea of ​​how many things must be gathered for a watch brand to end up in the decision of something "yes, we are pretty sure that we absolutely must spend an incomprehensible amount on a new fabric to be able to perform. at its best! "

Imagine the number of different senses that need to be added for such an investment: if I were an Omega accountant, I'm pretty sure I would be gray like Gandalf or, even worse, more aggressive than Vin Diesel now. But a new Omega factory happened, in fact it must happen, because if brands like Breguet and Blancpain and Jaquet Droz and Harry Winston were the brightest jewels in the Swatch group's crown - they all need a little polishing, to put it rolex replica mildly - I think it's not a time to say that the crown in the Swatch Group itself is Omega ... And while we are at it, Swatch are the people who work hard.